Dr. David Benmahdi

My 15+ years of experience in cross-functional managerial and consulting positions, as well as my academic background (PhD and Academic accreditation in Management Sciences) have provided me a deep understanding of organisational strategies and humans behaviours in context of international business.

During those years, I have led projects and have developed a broad array of expertises especially in organisational improvement, change management & cultural transition, learning models & training strategies, collaboration & knowledge sharing, end-to-end process optimization, and IS implementation.
Put simply, today more than being a theorist, I'm someone who turns theory into efficient actions.

My experience has given me the privilege to collaborate with C-Level Suite and Division/Department Heads in dynamic working environments of several industries as Defense ; Energy ; Bank ; European's institutions ; Technology ; Lifelong learning ; Higher Education ; Research ; Pharmaceutical ; Media ; and Public sector.

During all my career path I have developed a multidisciplinary international network, and reached significant achievements on complex projects that enrich my competencies.

    Resulting areas of my expertise include :
  • Organisational development & improvement (Strategy, Process, Technology, ...)
  • Intellectual Capital improvement (Learning strategy, Collaborative processes, Knowledge sharing, ...)
  • Change Management (Corporate culture, Technology adoption, Transformation project, ...)

  • I am French mother tongue, fluent in English.

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