Dr. David Benmahdi

Head of HR in Financial sector
Keynote Speaker on Management's evolution and Human Resources trends
Professor in Business School for International Programs
Lecturer at University for Masters

David has over 20 years' experience (4 years in IS development ; 12 years in Management and organizational Consulting ; 7 years in-house HR Management roles).

All these years spent in cross-functional management and international consulting positions, as well as his academic background (PhD and academic accreditation in management sciences), have enabled David to develop an in-depth knowledge of organizational strategies and human behavior in the context of international business.

Over the years, David has led projects and developed a wide range of expertise, particularly in the fields of International Human Resources, Organizational Transformation and Cultural Transition, Collaboration and Knowledge Management, end-to-end Process Optimization and Change Management.

Throughout his career, David has successfully completed major projects in the financial (Bank, Insurance, Investment), defense, European institutions, energy, R&D, pharmaceutical, media and public sectors.
As a result, David has collaborated at all levels of organizations and developed a multidisciplinary international network.

    Today, David's areas of expertise are as follows:
  • Human Resources (Strategy, Workforce planning & development, Talent, ...)
  • Organisational development & improvement (Strategy, Process, Technology, ...)
  • Intellectual Capital improvement (IC strategy, Knowledge management, Knowledge sharing process, ...)
  • Change Management (Corporate culture, Organizational Transformation project, Technology adoption, Process optimnisation ...)

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